Every project that demands ground engineering has some form of drilling which is determined by the geotechnical conditions and machinery.

Ground Anchoring

QPS ground anchors are used to transfer load from an in-ground structure that is retaining an unstable interior behind. The purpose of the anchor

Soil Nailing

QPS provide soil nails to support unstable slopes or batters for both remedial applications such as slips or for fresh excavations batter steepening

Rock Bolting

QPS provide Rock bolts for stabilising rock excavations where random unstable exterior rock is likely loosen. The rock bolt acts to confine the unstable rock


Micropiles are an effective alternative to conventionally bored piles and driven piles where ground conditions are unfavourable, access is limited


Shotcrete is the application of concrete where high pressure air is introduced to propel concrete under force and compact the concrete to the surface

Walers & Bracing

Steel bracing and whalers are provided for in ground structures to transfer load that could not be provided by other means.

Rockfall Netting

Rockfall netting is a specially designed woven tensile mesh that is utilised to stabilise slopes.



QPS provide a variety of grouting solutions and techniques to suit your application.