Snowtown II Wind Farm

The Snowtown II Wind Farm project is an extension to an existing wind farm that QPS previously worked on in 2009. The wind farm comprises the construction of wind turbines delivering an additional of 270 MW of power, comprising the construction of transmission lines, substation and a network of roads linking the turbines throughout a farming community. The role of QPS in this project is to deliver an economical solution for the turbine footings by the way of anchoring foundations where prevailing existed rather than the traditional large gravity footings.

Project Features

Design and construct permanent anchors

65 turbine footings

Reduced footing footprint from 18m dia to 8m dia

420 tonne SWL Permanent Anchors

8 No Anchors per footing

Drilled using Rotary DTHH

Each anchor installed to 20m deep in a 250dia drill hole

Anchors comprise 27 x 15.2 high tensile strands installed and grouted with additional HDPE sheathing for long term corrosion protection.

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Catcon (Civil& Allied technical Construction)




Snowtown, South Australia

Contract Period:

February 2013 – September 2013